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Last Day of the season – Saturday December 2nd

Here at Prairie Woods our mission is to spread the joy of Christmas through the real Christmas tree tradition. Each year we look forward to seeing your excited faces ready to pick out your perfect tree. When we started our little tree farm in 2002 we never imagined how far this journey would take us.

Our first year we sold 6 trees and we wondered if our adventure would be over before it started. Every year after that our sales increased significantly. Following suit, this season has been a whirlwind before it even has gotten off to much of a start.

We are overjoyed with the response we’ve gotten from the community. We have nearly sold more trees in one weekend then we’ve sold in any previous season. Our hearts are so full. (And our bodies exhausted, ha!)

We take pride in being a small family owned farm and have no interest in becoming a large tree lot. We love keeping the experience special and personal. Unfortunately because of that decision, each year we have a limited supply of trees we can sell. This year we’re nearing that mark after the first three days of being open. We’re filled with bitter sweet emotions to announce we have to end the season sooner than we ever imagined possible in order to preserve enough trees for future years. Saturday, December 2nd will be our last day open this season.

We hope the trees we have sold have found themselves in warm happy homes. (Please send photos!) For those who missed out on the opportunity to visit Prairie Woods, we hope to see you next year.

We do still have Christmas decorations and fresh hand made wreaths available for sale. Please contact us if you’re interested. If you’ve pre-tagged a tree call to schedule an appointment for pickup.

Merry Christmas and thank you again for letting us be a part of such an exciting and supportive community. See you next year!