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At Prairie Woods we specialize in three types of trees: Both types of Fir Trees have soft needles (no prickling when decorating) and sturdy branches, which hold even the heaviest of ornaments. As a non-fir option we also raise White Pine trees.  All of our trees available are between 5 and 10 feet tall.

The Concolor Fir

The Concolor fir has soft silvery needles and sturdy branches. It was chosen because of its natural Christmas tree shape and lovely aroma. It withstands heat and drought better than most trees, which makes it a natural choice for Nebraska.

The Canaan Fir

The Canaan fir is a preferred Christmas tree variety with lateral branching. The branches are sturdy and will hold even the heaviest of ornaments. It is well-adapted to our Nebraska climate and has a very fragrant foliage.


When you’re ready to move from the mediocre to the exceptional take a look at Firs. They resemble the Christmas trees of old and have a wonderful aroma.

White Pine

The white pine has long soft flexible needles. They have a pleasing shape and good needle retention. There are fewer allergic reactions to white pine than to other aromatic species.