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If we can’t come during regular hours what should we do?

You can call for an appointment and we will be sure we are here to meet you. Call 402-794-6887 or 402-450-7871 to schedule a convenient time.

Why don’t you have any Scotch pines? We always liked the fat, bushy trees.

We do not grow Scotch pines because of the disease they currently harbor. Although the individual tree may not pose a threat, having many of them could start an epidemic of wilted, brown trees. We do not want to take the chance of spreading this disease to our large Ponderosa pines and other trees on the farm. There are still a few farms who sell Scotch pines and we will be happy to refer you to them if your heart is set on them.

Where are the Frazier firs?

Frazier firs do not grow well in our climate. The ones you see for sale other places are actually imported from other states. The Canaan fir, which we do grow, is a natural cross between a Frazier and Balsam fir. It is adaptable to our environment and a beautiful tree.

Why not just get an artificial tree?

The first artificial trees were made by a toilet bowl brush company who dyed the brush bristles green. See the section on real versus fake trees for many reasons why fake is far inferior to the real thing. But, mostly, do you really want to miss out on the experience with your family of selecting your very own tree?

How should I care for my tree?

See the section on tree tips for all the information. Care, in a nutshell, is never let the tree go dry. Water, water, water!

What can we do to limit allergies to the pollen in real trees?

We will shake the tree before it is wrapped to remove any loose needles, pollen, or debris in the tree. This will help reduce allergens. Then, before you take it inside your home wash it down with a hose or water in a bucket. Allow it to dry thoroughly in the garage before taking it inside. Some sources say white pine is the least allergenic but if you have a pine allergy consider a fir tree. Remember artificial trees also emit allergens. They are made from PVC and it releases fumes. It also will be laden with dust if it was stored without a proper cover.